We offer two levels of service, Interim or Full Service, depending on vehicle mileage, your requests and even sometimes what the car requests believe it or not!

Please give us a call for a price.

Both services have two different levels of checks which are carried out and a Industry standard service check sheet will be filled in and given to you with your service book once it has been stamped.

Most car owners service their car every 12 months or 12,000 miles - whichever comes sooner. Servicing proactively maintains your car, reducing the risk of a breakdown.

Many benefits of servicing often become easily forgotten or overlooked. However regular servicing can be a benefit in many ways.

A small investment in regular servicing, plus a good inspection programme results in good return on that investment because of:

  • Reduced cost of repairs over the vehicle's life.

  • Reduced unforeseen and possible breakdown risks.

  • Reduced vehicle time off the road.

  • Less inconvenience and less unforeseen expense.

  • The possibility of greater fuel economy.

  • The possibility of increased product life e.g. tyres last longer due to being checked for uneven wear, brake discs may not become scored due to low brake pads, etc.

Do I need to take my car to a main dealer for its service?

European Commission rules on car block exemption came into full effect in October 2003. This new ruling allows independent garages the same access to technical information on your car from the manufacturer, and more importantly, it means you do not need to go back to a main dealer to retain warranty cover.

We are able to stamp your physical and digital service books just the same as they can!