Introducing the MORGAN CX-T... 

The Morgan Plus Four CX-T is a special project that pushes the boundaries of what a Morgan sports car can do. This tough and capable overland vehicle is Morgan like you’ve never seen it before, opening up new destinations and possibilities. Every part of the Plus Four CX-T has been carefully researched to equip it for overland adventure in remote situations, and it was built alongside seasoned Dakar Rally competitors and vehicle builders, Rally Raid UK, right here at Milly's Garage!

Those of you who had vehicles booked in with us throughout 2021 will have noticed a very secretive project being hidden in the workshop. 

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen! This is what it was! This project is the reason i have such an amazing desk!

Desgined and built by my insanely intelligent father along side his business partner Paul Round, this amazing project is something we are incredibly proud to have been a part of. Without my father, something like this would have never stepped into our workshop!

Keep your eyes peeled for more interesting Morgan projects, coming to a Millys Garage near you!

For months we had the pleasure of testing and driving the Morgan CX-T protoype (Car 0) so obviously it goes without saying, we had to do a little photo shoot to remember it by. 

These images and videos were captured and edited by Sam Hazeldine at Ariel Motion.